Wednesday, October 21, 2015

About Arnika Forte

Developed for patients undergoing cosmetic surgery, Arnika Forte contains a blend of ingredients that target bruising and swelling. Its ingredients include antioxidants and bioflavonoids such as Vitamin C, Rutin and Grape Seed Extract. Arnika Forte also draws on the healing properties of Bromelain, which occurs naturally in pineapple but develops at its highest concentration in the fruit's stem. The product's name comes from Arnica Montana, a natural substance proven in clinical testing to aid in the treatment of bruising.

Arnika Forte received feature mention in the Daily Mail newspaper, which noted the product as the supplement that helped celebrity Angelina Jolie recover from breast reconstruction surgery. Ms. Jolie used the product after each of her surgeries, which included preventive mastectomies and tissue reconstruction. Arnika Forte has also proven useful in reducing bruising after sclerotherapy, a treatment for spider veins, and as an aid in recovery from podiatric surgery. Demonstrated to accelerate healing by up to 50 percent, it aids in relieving bruising and swelling from surgical damage to soft tissue.